Juggling My Aspirations With Motherhood Is Tough

I knew that being a mom and an aspiring floral designer would be hard. Well, motherhood these days is already quite difficult as it is. Juggling all the demands of being a mom and trying to still do our best in fulfilling our aspirations is all the more stressful and taxing.  Juggling a new business and motherhood can be a real challenge. I know I really want to do it, but I also know it will be hard and that I need all the good advice I could find. So I turned to the ones that have been doing it for years now, and see how they manage to do it. Below are some of the tips I found that helped me in making up my mind and gave me hope.

Involve your spouse

Don’t forget to involve your supportive husband in the game. Ask them to help you with whatever you might need help with, I believe they’ll be as supportive as mine is. Involve them in taking care of the kids from the very beginning, best way to do this is to involve them with feeding when your kid is really small so they can get used to it from early days.

One other thing they can help you with is those middle-of-the-night wake-up calls, you have no idea how much more energetic and relaxed at work one can be the following day! Come up with a plan that will equally involve the both of you, so each of you will have some energy left for working the next day.

Plan everything to the smallest details, sit down and talk about it, if you both get organised and involved equally it will be so much easier for everyone!

motherhood and career

Know your priorities

It’s hard, but you’ll have to get used to it, things will not be the same. Being a hardworking professional and a mom at the same time means that something’s got to give. This means that sometimes you simply won’t have the time to tidy up the house, or make a perfect dinner. So, do yourself a favor and let it go, it really is OK. Prioritise what you can live with and what you can’t. Can you live a few days more with the kitchen floor not perfectly clean? Of course you can! It’s totally worth it. Also, understand that your health is of priority! Recently, I had pink eye (if you’re wondering how do you get pink eye, read here) and it was really difficult to make myself rest but I just had to!

Make time for yourself

Maybe you won’t manage to do it at the very beginning, but once you get into the working routine you should find a way to make some time for yourself. Ask your husband or a nanny to take care of the kids while you go out for a coffee or to the gym, you need to refill your batteries from time to time!

Realize this is temporary

It will only get better. Every working mom will tell you how the first month was the most challenging one, but after some time it will get better, you’ll get used to it. You’ll start realising that your kid is happy and still feels loved when you’re not attached to it 24/7.

I found a lot of useful and interesting tips in this article.

Cut yourself some slack

A lot of moms out there feel guilty that they chose to work, and so little fathers feel the same. Don’t forget that choosing to work will make you happier and every kid with a happy mother will be happier itself. Also, don’t forget that by you working, your kid will be able to enjoy a better life with more opportunities.

It’s not easy, actually it’s really difficult. But a lot of moms have done it, and there’s no reason you or I can’t do it to. Talk to moms that work, ask for advice and come up with a survival plan. I hope that in a way, I can help to inspire other moms. That’s what I want to talk about on this blog too. I want to be authentic and share my experience, my journey, my ups and downs. I dislike blogs that just present everything as perfection because I think that is unrealistic.

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How To Become A Floral Designer

It all started with a small lemon tree I bought a few years ago. I loved it so much I even named it, and couldn’t wait for the first fruits to show up. That’s when I realised my love for plants and gardening. Throughout the years I got more and more flowers and trees, of all different kinds. They give such spirit to the yard, so now I’m ready to take it to the next level and start a real career as a floral designer. As I mentioned, I’ve been reading a lot recently and researching about becoming a floral designer. I’m just glad to know that it’s actually not all that impossible. When there’s a will, there’s a way! Below are some of the best advice I found around the internet.

Be both creative and savvy

Yes, floral, like any design means that you should be really creative, artistic and use your imagination at all times. This goes without saying. But if you’re really interested in becoming a professional floral designer, you’ll have to also learn the business and technical side. In order to become good at what you do, you’ll have to also become a great communicator and learn how to work with a larger floral design group.

Visualize your goals

It’s the same with any other business, even if you’re super good at what you do, you can’t just go on without a proper business plan. You’ll need to be focused at all times and able to visualize your small and big goals. You should set yourself a new goal, visualize it, and only this way you’ll find the perfect way to achieve it.

Find a mentor that you can learn from

The best advice one can give you is to recognise a great person that you can learn from. Locate an amazing experienced designer and become their apprentice. Analyse their method, the way they put together things. This way you’ll learn all the tips, tricks and shortcuts that they worked years to learn. It’s all in the details, so pay great attention to them.

Know how to market your skills

You’re already on social media, so use them wisely to market what you do. Today it’s easier than ever to build a website (even yourself) that you can promote on social media. Ask your friends to help you out spreading the word – they can ask their friends and let you know if someone needs flowers for events, presents or special occasions.

Learn to draw and sketch

Everyone can learn how to do it if they practise. It’s an amazing way to visualize in more details the final product you want to come up with. It doesn’t have to be great art, as long as it serves its purpose and you can understand it. Sketching is one of the most valuable tools for professional floral designers.

Of course, there are lots of other things you’d like to read and learn before deciding on becoming a professional floral designer, but you have to start from somewhere. I hope the advice I shared will help you at least in making up your mind. Good luck!

Also, have a look at this video. I found it really useful!

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My Journey To Floral Designing

After procrastinating for so long, I finally decided to set up my blog. I am very nervous as I don’t think I am particularly gifted for writing. However, I have always loved to keep journals through the years and I would like to think I am an interesting enough writer!

If you somehow come across my blog, a big welcome to you over here all the way from the UK.

I am a mummy and I have 1 son and 1 daughter. After being a preschool teacher for the last 7 years, I have finally decided to pursue my interest which is floral designing. There is a long path ahead of me to establish my business, build it and grow it: but I am sure I can with good determination and constant learning. Floral designing to me, is a craft. And it involves the most beautiful of nature – flowers. I love flowers (a love passed on to me by my grandmother and my aunts and my mother). My biggest dream is to have my very own studio creating different arts with flowers.

In this blog, I am going to blog about my journey to establishing my business, share tips about floral designing and also sometimes, I will talk about motherhood and parenting. Afterall, being a parent is a huge part of my life (the biggest part of my life, really!). So it is inevitable that some days, I will share my thoughts.

I found a quote today that says:pink flowers

“Mothers are like flowers that are planted in our hearts, that bloom and fill our lives with love as the years go by.” – not sure who the author of this quote is

How meaningful. I hope you enjoy my writing and will keep visiting my blog.


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Christmas Floral Gifts around the World

It’s Christmas time and what better way to give a gift that’s packed full of lovely goodness – flowers. I thought it was interesting to have a look at what kinds of flower gifts people are giving one another around the world. Enjoy! 🙂

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